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your look ● hairstyles By Yulia Konstantinova-Riebman Flapper Girl Spirit Almost a century later, a vintage hairstyle of the 1920s returns to remind us that some of the most enjoyable looks never get old I n the words of the legendary Coco Chanel: “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” With that in mind, “bold” will be the approach to anything this fall season. In terms of beauty, what can be more glamorous than the 1920s inspired vintage look that has remained in vogue for nearly a century? Es- pecially one that was designed for the statement that you are about to make. Autumn, with its bright, beautiful colors, has always been a true inspiration for designers and fashion and beau- ty gurus. It’s the season when we take risks and go for something exciting and chic. It’s also a season of social and family gatherings, themed parties, and of course our all- time favorite—Halloween. The fashion scene is featuring dramatic hair trends, such as super-sized curls, vintage and wet hair looks, as well as middle-parts incorporated with bold colors in both hair and makeup. So if you’ve got a bob or longer hair and you want to take a new approach to your favorite curly or wavy looks, you are in for a treat this autumn. Marcel waves and pin curls, which are also symbols of the 20s with their signature refined elegance, are great ex- amples of the truly timeless beauty trends. After all, many Hollywood icons made those styles look regal. They look absolutely stunning on every single person who wears them, paired with red lips and some intricate head piece or, perhaps, a birdcage accessory, so you are guaranteed to leave a long, lasting impression of your red carpet appearance. As always, your Pageantry Beauty Team turned the orig- 14 PAGEANTRY Lauren Roush is Miss West Virginia Teen USA 2012’s 2nd runner-up and Miss Mountain State 2014. A featured model in the Spring Pageantry & PromTime 2014 Fashion Showcase, Lauren is currently a Sophomore at West Virginia University. inally complicated technique into an easy to achieve and fun routine. Our beautiful blonde model Lauren, with her gorgeous hair, proudly demonstrates that amazing style. Just follow our simple steps and you will turn into a flapper girl in a matter of moments. SET UP YOUR STAGE We always start with thoroughly brushing and detan- gling 100 percent dry hair with a soft paddle brush. This style, as with many others, works the best on day-old hair, stylist Emily Pole reminds us. We chose a deep side part to compliment Lauren’s face shape; however, a middle part will also look appropriate for that style, adding an authen- tic vintage feel. It’s totally your call.