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your look ● hairstyles Capturing The Autumn Romance PHOTO BY TED WEST By Tammy Fischer The right kind of bun style can be both effective and easy in making sure that your big social occasion is an instant success A utumn is coming, and with it comes the cooler weather, warmer clothes, and playful fashions. The orange, red, and yellow colors of the au- tumn leaves bring a feeling of romance to the air, so why not capitalize on the romantic at- mosphere with a romantic hairstyle? This seductive and so- phisticated look could be perfect for a formal wedding event or just a casual night out with your girlfriends. Whether your hair is straight or naturally curly, this fash- ionable up-do will look glamorous on you. My Pageantry Beauty Team cohort Amanda Ellis and I selected this upswept bun style for our model, Laura, be- cause it’s easy to replicate at home and will complement her long, slender neck and gorgeous, golden locks. Bun hair- styles are a versatile look in general, ranging from simply functional for a back-to-school look, to an utterly sophisti- cated look for a formal night out. This particular style will have you feeling alluring and elegant for any fall occasion. TURN UP THE VOLUME Apply a light hold gel to shampooed hair and rough dry your hair until it’s about 90 percent dry. Use a round brush to finish drying and to create volume. If you have curly hair, you can also diffuse your hair to produce bouncy and natu- ral curls. How do I diffuse my curly hair? Simple, use a dif- fuser—an attachment for your blow dryer that changes the air flow from a direct stream of air to a more diffused (get it?) wide circle of air. 14 PAGEANTRY Miss Virginia USA 2015 Laura Puelo gradu- ated from Duke University and is in her last semester of Law School at Washington and Lee University. She is a featured model in the Pageantry & PromTime 2015 Fashion Showcase. COOL CURLS Use a curling iron, or you can use a marcel iron like we did, on completely dried hair. Wrap the hair around the iron and let your curls cool before touching them. When curling your hair, you should know how hot to go. Your hair type should determine the heat setting of your curling iron. If your hair is fine, fragile, or color-treated, use a low heat setting—below 200 degrees—to avoid burning or damaging your hair. If you have already curly, coarse, or thick hair, you can go higher—between 200-300 degrees. Never go above 400 degrees. One of the most effective tricks for long-lasting curls is to let the curls cool down and set before touching them. Why does this work? As you wrap your hair around the curling iron, heat is transferred onto the hair strands, which is what makes them change their shape. Therefore, once your curl is cooled down, it will allow the cuticle to close and set in place, making it last for a much longer period of time.