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your look ● hairstyles By Liz Everett The Gift of Glamour Our incredible hair and makeup expert has created a complete & glamorous package just for you A s the seasons change, we turn to the task of ad- justing our wardrobes accordingly. Fashions that were sensational in the summer will probably be inappropriate for the fall. However, as our cloth- ing styles change, we can happily rely on one con- stant truth–glamour is always in season. While your closet may be causing you a bit of stress, your hair and makeup don’t have to. We are here to help, by giving you some slightly old Hollywood vibes with a fresh, current twist. We will begin by focusing on your crowning glory with a step-by-step hair tutorial, creating soft waves that will take your stage or everyday appearance glam to the next level! WHAT YOU WILL NEED: 1) Teasing Comb 2) Alligator Pin Clips 3) 1 Inch Curling Iron 4) Chi Farouk Royal Treatment Hairspray 5) Chi Farouk Rapid Shine 6) Boar’s Hair Brush Great tools are imperative. Be sure that you use a one inch barrel curling iron that reaches at least 350 degrees. You want to make sure that as you curl, you are really get- ting good heat into the hair. Don’t over use the hair spray, as you want the wave to be soft. PREP We did not use extensions for this tutorial, but if you have them or want to use them, that is perfectly fine. Start by 14 PAGEANTRY Model: Caroline Dixon Miss Virgin Islands Teen United States Makeup: Liz Everett Glam Hair: Jasmine Brightman combing through your hair, and then create 4-7 large sec- tions. After that, begin pin curling your hair. Be sure that the pin curled sections are even. You also want to lightly spray Chi Farouk Royal Treatment on the root before curling. PIN CURL PERFECTION One thing you need to be sure of to truly execute this style is that you must start the curl technique at the top of the hair shaft and not the bottom. The wave will fall better once you pull the pin curl out if you do that. Also be sure that you use very even sections no wider than 1 inch and no thicker than a quarter of an inch. SET & STYLE At minimum, let the pin curls sit for one hour. I will tell you though, the longer they stay in, the longer your style will last. As you let each pinned section down, lightly tease it just at the root with the boar’s hair brush. After all of the