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people watching ● pageantry spirit award THESPIRITAWARD PRESENTEd By PROMOTINGFRIENDSHIP & SPORTSMANSHIP ageantry magazine is honored to recognize the outstanding and deserving individuals who, by their generous actions, represent the true spirit of our industry. Through their unquestionable deeds, these select persons strive to promote the noble causes and personal growth opportunities which the pageant, fashion, talent, and modeling industries have to offer. For their tireless efforts, Pageantry magazine is proud to bestow the Pageantry Magazine Spirit Award upon these deserving individuals. State Spirit – Ms. Woman North Shore Francesca Simone receives the Pageantry Spirit Award from 2016 Pre-Teen Massachusetts United States Samantha Spivack at the Miss Massachusetts United States Pageant. 58 PAGEANTRY United They Stand – Pageantry CEO Carl Dunn is honored to present the Pageantry Spirit Award to Ashley Martinez during the Miss United States Pageant for her tireless efforts on behalf of the organization. Superior Service – Miss Angel Queen of Queens Kenzie Gale Nichols was award- ed the Pageantry Spirit Award at the Miss Angel Pageant for outstanding community service dedication throughout her reign.