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people watching ● pageantry spirit award ageantry magazine is honored to recognize the outstanding and deserving individuals who, by their generous actions, represent the true spirit of our industry. Through their unquestionable deeds, these select persons strive to promote the noble causes and personal growth opportunities which the pageant, fashion, talent, and modeling industries have to offer. For their tireless efforts, Pageantry magazine is proud to bestow the Pageantry Magazine Spirit Award upon these deserving individuals. Grande Finale - Marina Grand on the Halifax hosts Eva Garcia and Donovan Hall receive the Pageantry Spirit Award from Pageantry CEO Carl Dunn due to their unwa- vering dedication to providing the perfect location for the spring 2017 photo shoot. Ave Aveda - Team Aveda receives the Pageantry Spirit Award following the annual Pageantry & PromTime Fashion Showcase photo shoot for their dedication and and unwavering commitment to beauty and glamour. New York Spirit - Almitra Sara Guart was presented the Pageantry Spirit Award at the National American Miss New York State Pageant. All You Need Is Love - Mary Kaba Valis, the founder of an organization called "Oceans of Love" which benefits children suffering from cancer, received the Pageantry Spirit Awrd from Interna- tional United Miss Kirsten Bergman at the NJ International Miss Pageant. Canadian Colleagues - Miss Canada Collegiate 2015 Shyann Caissie was awarded the Pageantry Spirit Award for her dedication to the pageant system and her true spirit of friendship by Miss Canada Collegiate 2017 Jessi- ca Thibodeau. 106 PAGEANTRY Beautiful Beall - Maria Beall won the Pageantry Spirit Award at the 2016 American Beauties National Pageant. Sharing Aloha - Ms. Petite United America Ambassador 2016 HaLisa Sowash (Mrs. Hawaii Petite UA 2015) was awarded the Pageantry Spirit Award at the 2016 United American Pageant.