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your look ● bodyshaping By Dr. Ronald Bergman Not Just a Matter of Inches Paying close attention to the sub- tleties of breast enhancement surgery can lead to a desirable difference that’s indistinguish- able from what Mother Nature would provide W hen a woman is competing in pageants and is seeking breast surgery, she’s obviously looking for an ideal size and shape that will be pleasing to the judges. Getting that per- fect look is a true form of artistry, and breast surgery for competitors differs slightly from the typical augmentation patient. The first and most important concerns are the choic- es relating to size and body proportion. The appropriate enhancement size depends completely on the contes- tant’s body frame, bone structure, height, and the amount of body fat she has and where that fat is locat- ed. Pageant contestants tend to be of smaller size than the average woman, and, therefore, will most likely re- quire smaller implants so that she does not look “done.” The more natural the implant, the bet- ter chance a contestant has The first and most of winning the Swimsuit competition. Judges are important con- not fond of giant, round, cerns are the obvious breast implants. Patients need to know choices relating that if it is obvious that to size and body implants are in place, the surgeon did a poor job. proportion Breast implants should truly look and feel as though you were born with them. 118 PAGEANTRY BODYSHAPING Continued on page 148