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people watching ● pageantry patter Charitable Charm - World’s Our Little Miss Preteen, Emma Wegner, volunteered at the Princess and Me event in San Antonio, TX, benefiting the children of St. PJ’s Chil- dren’s home. Magnificent Magnolias - (L-R) Jr. Miss Magnolia State 2017 Isabella Graves, Miss Teen Magnolia State 2017 Julia Rester, Miss Magnolia State 2017 Rachel Pearl Jackson, and Mrs. Magnolia State 2017 Shelli Dowty celebrate their shared victory. Beauty on Display - The International Miss Team Oklahoma 2017, including Miss Oklahoma & Miss Sooner State winners, as well as returning at-large title holders share a grand photo opportunity. Spirited Bunch - (L-R) Kristy Clark, Cherie Dempster, Katie Holmes, and Director Dedra Curtis, generations of American Spirit Pageant Queens, spend a morning preparing to relaunch the national event. Amazing Pair - Minnesota Miss Amazing-Miss Maggie Erickson and Miss Teen of America 2015-2016 Cornelia Hayes snapped a quick photo after the National Op- tional Events Competition. All Aglow - Breckyn Eisenhauer, the current Today’s American Woman National Teen Titleholder 2016 from Cookeville, TN, was crowned aboard the Carnival Victory Cruise Ship. 126 PAGEANTRY