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Vegas Strong Senior Strong & The women of the Ms. Senior Universe Pageant teach us all what it means to be #VegasStrong “W e are the women and daughters of the ‘The Greatest Generation.’— We are strong, savvy, goal-oriented, wise and aware.” The Mission Statement of the Ms. Senior Universe Pageant cannot begin to un- derscore the strength and resilience of the senior women who participated in the inaugural event. Hurricane Irma, possibly the worst hurricane in US History, destroyed the home of Ms. Senior Virgin Islands Ida White. The earthquakes that followed in Mexico City affected delegate Emma Escuiv- el, who supervises emergency services 120 PAGEANTRY and community outreach at the Shriners Hospitals for Children in Mexico City, and thus was unable to attend. After being seriously injured in a car crash, the raging fires in Cal- ifornia nearly forced the evacuation of Board of Governors member and founding Ms. Senior California USA Myrna Motzer. Then, there are those times when age and life itself get tan- gled, such as when Queen Lauren Monahan spent several days at the hospital bedside of her husband, or when Queen Charlotte Ambrose sur- vived open heart surgery. On October 1, 2017, Las Vegas ex- perienced the worst mass shooting in United States history. One of the founders of the Senior Pageants Group, a responder trainer, was one of the first on scene. Ms. Senior Uni- verse, Kathleen “Kat” Ray, took action in helping organize the Blood Bank efforts. Standing in the road in sash and crown, Kat refused to let people pass until they donated blood and was credited with personally bringing in over 1750 donors in less than 3 days. While support poured in from around the country, and indeed from around the world, there were other considerations. Events throughout the city were postponed or cancelled outright, and new security measures made events difficult to manage and much more expensive. The City of Las Vegas, Clark County, and indeed everyone, were working to grasp a world that would never be the same. The senior Queens of this organiza- tion include military veterans and women who have raised their children through some of the most difficult times in modern history. The City of Las Vegas is the home of their pageant. Showing support for their city and pageant, senior representatives from several countries came together at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, which was also hosting the Miss Universe Pageant, to begin #VEGASSTRONG pageant week where they were joined