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news & views ● socially speaking On Pageantry magazine’s Facebook page [] we receive your comments and questions and we appreciate every single one of them. The following is a sampling of your comments and letters: Mark Weinberg Carl Dunn It was always a pleasure conducting busi- ness with Pageantry maga- zine. The Bible for all the crowns. LaKishia Edwards It is always an honor and privilege to work with the leading magazine in the in- dustry, Pageantry maga- zine. Who will we see featured inside an upcoming Pageantry magazine? winner’s circle ● a utumn kinkade Kelly Tran Looking forward to receive the Pageantry magazine Winter Edition featuring arti- cle about the Mrs. Vietnam World pageant. Don’t forget to order your copy today. Thank you CEO Carl Dunn for supporting the Mrs. Viet- nam World organization. Autumn Kinkade Awe... thank you Carl Dunn!! it was such an honor to be in your magazine!! I hope we can cross paths one day Lord willing and meet each other in person. You’re amazing!! Afif Cherif I love this man (Carl Dunn). He is always there for us. Great leader in our industry, and visionary. Glad to call him a friend. PHOTO BY JAMIL GOTCHER PERSONAL BIO AND AWARDS: HONORS AND AWARDS: MODELING: Name: Autumn Kinkade Location: Adair, Oklahoma Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Ⅲ Extraordinary Ⅲ Presidential Seventeen Magazine Runway: New York, Florida, Colorado, Hollywood Today's International Women Elegant Teen 2017 Autumn was born 3 months early weigh- ing 1lb 12oz and is a surviving twin. She has endured 17 surgeries/procedures. She was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at a young age, but that has not stopped her from living her dream. Person of the Year 2017 Volunteer Service Award: Bronze 2017 Ⅲ Miss Passionate 2017 Ⅲ Relay for Life Teen Queen 2017 Ⅲ Presidential Volunteer Service Award: Gold, Silver and Bronze 2016 Ⅲ Ms. Abilities USA 2016 Ⅲ Miss Amazing Oklahoma 2016 Ⅲ Miss High School America Oklahoma 2016 Ⅲ Miss You Can Do It 2015 Ⅲ Miss Amazing Teen Oklahoma 2014 TALENT & SPECIAL TRAINING: Motivational Speaker FAVORITE QUOTATION: “I want others to know that even though you may have a physical challenge or struggle, with God by your side, you can still make a difference. ‘One ability at a time,’ and inspire those around you.” PAGEANTRY 61 Jeff LeForce Yesterday we presented the Pageantry magazine Spirit of Pageantry Award to Ana E Ronaldo Costa for her strength and courage. This summer Cancer al- most caused Ana to be un- able to take her daughter Alicia to the Royal Interna- tional Miss International Pageant in Orlando but at the last minute she made it happen and not only did they make the trip...but her daughter WON the Inter- national Princess title! It is not always what happens on stage but what happens on the journey to and from the stage that defines who we are. We could all use someone like Ana in our support system. 32 PAGEANTRY competition clips M RS . W ASHINGTON A MERICA P AGEANT Melinda Read Dear Carl – What a beautiful letter! I T tried to send you a thank you email a few months ago, not sure you received it. But just in case, thank you for including my article about the 25th Anniversary of Pamela Curnel’s Direc- torship for Mrs. Washing- ton America Pageant in your magazine. Love Pageantry magazine for all of these years! Now I’m eligible for Ms. Senior America – Scary! Giggle! he 2017 Mrs Washington America Pageant marked the 41st an- nual State Pageant and the 25th anniver- sary of its highly tal- ented State Director Pamela Curnel, Mrs Washington America QUEENLY QUINTET: The 2017 Mrs. Washington 1993. And finally America Court share winning smiles: (L-R) 1st RU after 40 years of the Jena Cook, 3rd RU Magan Waldron, Mrs. Washington Mrs. America Pag- America 2017 Deidra Murphy, 2nd RU Derozette eant competition Banks, 4th RU Lauri Pounder Washington State’s Natalie Luttmer won Mrs. America 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada last August! Pamela has always done an outstanding job keeping the pag- eant Queens together from 1991 — 2017 as a pageant sister-