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news & views ● editorial By Ashley Burns Celebrate Good Times With more than 10,000 Fans O ne of the many things that set man apart from animal, much like op- posable thumbs and the ability to Tweet, is the act of celebration. From good grades and graduations to births and birthdays (and some of us are guilty of celebrating the latter for longer periods than neces- sary), if there’s an aura of happiness or spontaneous joy, then there’s a pretty good chance that we’re going to throw a party with some of our closest friends to pay that occasion its proper tribute. With that said, let’s call this summer issue a celebration of our latest mile- stones with you, our readers and good friends, as we recently passed the 10,000 mark with our fans on Facebook. Obviously, we keep track of that kind of thing, because it’s important for us to be reminded of the people who matter most in our continuing success. Because of this great era of social media and networking, we’re all able to celebrate the Glamour Lifestyle together. We’re proud that our Facebook page now reaches more than 10,000 zealous fans, because we have some great stories to tell about some incredibly exception- al people. So we’re working on bigger and brighter things to help tell more sto- ries and continue to bring the passion of competition and especially the Glamour Lifestyle to more and more people with each issue that we print. However, as always, it’s important to remember that social media isn’t unlike reality, in that we’re still representing our own names and brands, despite not ac- tually dealing with people face-to-face. Something that many people seem to forget—or maybe just ignore—is that their names are on everything they post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. and each statement, no matter how harmless or incendiary, is something that will stick with another person’s perception of us each time that they see our names pop up across their Facebook news feeds. Another reason to celebrate this issue is the release of our updated look with- in Pageantry magazine as well as on our website Not one to rest on our laurels, our art department under Art Director Angel Anthony Mendez has been slowly but diligently updating our look so that your Pageantry, PageantryDigital, and online experiences are more rewarding than ever. Thinking back to when this magazine was created more than three decades ago, the idea of such an online network through which we could share vast sto- ries of success would have seemed as outrageous as a Bigfoot sighting. But what was once done through the intense efforts of word-of-mouth campaigns and putting the proverbial nose to the grindstone is now so much more phenomenal, inasmuch as we can reach so many more people through a few clicks of a mouse. That’s not to say that the necessity of effort is gone, though. We still need to work as hard as we did back then, because we have even more people to keep pleasing by telling them your great stories of triumph and philanthropy. That’s why even as we celebrate surpassing 10,000 fans and thousands of “likes” on our beautiful new cover, we’re still looking beyond those numbers. We want to keep reaching even more people, because every new story that you share with us should be shared with millions. Like I said, your efforts are forever attached with your name, so wouldn’t you want people to keep spread- ing and celebrating your platforms, victories and success the same way that they talk about and celebrate their own accomplishments? If every person who likes us on Facebook, had one subscription to Pageantry, then we’d be one step clos- er to that goal. In the meantime, we’ll continue to share your successes in Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle, as we start planning for our next celebration. □ 10 PAGEANTRY