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pageantry interview ● michael schreiber Setting the Stage Through his Stage Success program, veteran actor Michael Schreiber is fulfilling a much more important dream in using his life’s experiences to educate talented young actors M ichael Schreiber is a very popular man. The sea- soned and multi-talent- ed actor and director has carved his niche in the entertainment industry, not on the stage with his fellow actors necessar- ily, but as a coach and mentor to much younger actors looking to find their places in show business. Schreiber is a favorite of agents and managers throughout the U.S., as his number is on many a speed dial when a talented but inexperienced young actor or actress comes along and needs the expertise of one of the brightest minds around. As one half of Stage Success— with the other half being Pageantry contributor Adam Hill—Schreiber is able to use his well-developed acting philosophy to help these young actors find their strongest talents and hone them as a means of advancing their careers. Ultimately, he provides an ad- vantage to those who are serious about acting, but only if they’re will- ing to take it as seriously as they’d take their classes at school. Pageantry magazine: Let’s talk a little bit about you personally. What is your background in the performing arts? Michael Schreiber: I started a little 42 PAGEANTRY bit late in the game. It was the end of my college career, when I was undecided and I had no idea what I wanted to do MICHAEL SCHREIBER with the rest of my life. I ended up in New York City, working with some actors, and I MS: I think of accomplishment dif- asked them a lot of questions. They ferently. There are a lot of people that told me, “Hey, you know what? Go I work with, and I’m very clear to take a class.” So I took a class and I them that having a career is a very im- loved it, and I knew that I had to stick portant thing, and it’s great to get with it. more recognition and have commer- I ended up getting a degree in the- cial success, but what I’m more inter- atre, and it gave me a lot of great op- ested in is personal growth. I think portunities to perform. It was that good actors are always getting something that I knew I had to do better, so when I see someone taking more of. I had learned so much from risks and succeeding, or when I see it, and I felt that I got so much growth someone who is interested in becom- from it. I wanted to explore more, so I ing a storyteller and not just a com- started doing regional theatre in New mercial success, that is what inspires England and Pennsylvania, as well as me, because that’s where I had the around the country, and then in New most opportunity to grow. York City I was taking some great act- As a performer, it led me to success ing classes, always continuing to study in so many different areas in terms of so I could eventually get into film and leadership, confidence and personal television, producing, directing, relationships, as well as emotional in- coaching and the many other ways telligence in talking to and dealing that I continue to fit into this industry. with people. It was so fulfilling in so many different ways, and I think it’s PM: What do you feel is the great- something that everyone should learn est accomplishment of an actor? and study. I also think that kind of