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your look ● body sculpting By Dr. Harvey C Jenkins, PhD, MD Home Bodies IN HOME AND ONLINE: If you’re looking for a workout class that is going to improve your flexibility, enhance your mind-muscle connection, increase core strength and improve your balance and agility level, check out an online yoga class. Staying in shape doesn’t always require an expensive gym membership, as there are simple exercises you can perform in your own home to achieve results A lot of what you want to achieve for this summer and beyond can be handled in your own home. That’s the good news. The bad news is that it still takes a lot of time, hard work and serious dedication to get the results that you want for your competition-ready body. Don’t let that deter you, though, as you can also benefit from the fact that you won’t have to worry about working out around others, waiting around for equipment or, worst of all, cleaning up other people’s messes. Starting with the basics, you can make an outline or list of the exercise tools and equipment that you will need mov- ing forward, including: EXERCISE EQUIPMENT If your finances permit and your space is sufficient, con- sider installing an exercise machine or treadmill at your home. For budget restraints that do not accommodate ex- cessive spending, there is a lot of secondhand equipment available for sale online, through Craigslist and in newspa- pers. Also, free weights are a very affordable alternative to an all-in-one weight machine or Soloflex-type apparatus. MULTIMEDIA AND TV RESOURCES As outdated as these ways may seem, programs on DVD like the P90X workout and “Insanity” are experiencing greater-than-average interest, particularly during this time of the year. With rather small financial investments coupled with a lot of motivation and discipline, it is conceivable that you can achieve the results of six-pack Herculean abs and tight, toned glutes in the time it takes for the weather to change through each season. A simple check of your local TV guide can expose you to a variety of shows that feature cardiovascular workouts and toning. You can complete your workout before you head out to school or work. BURN CALORIES WITH HOUSEWORK Any home maintenance activities that you are responsi- ble for should be done vigorously. Mopping, sweeping, vac- uuming, raking and gardening can be turned into a high-impact energy-consuming session that can rival any formal workout that you could do in the gym. You also kill two birds and two objectives with the same stone or activi- ty. For those who are fortunate enough to have a house- maid, this way will not work for you, unless of course, you give your maid a few months off. 48 PAGEANTRY CREATE YOUR OWN PROGRAM Crank up the iTunes and get with it. You can dance, do steps, shadow box, skip and run in place to improve your cardiovascular status. You can tone and strengthen with sit- ups, pushups, chair dips, squats, lunges, fit ball exercise and even the kettleball. THE PROFESSIONAL ALTERNATIVE The efficient, professional way of toning and achieving