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your look ● bodyshaping By Dr. Ronald Bergman From Fat to Asset A simple body fat transfer procedure can help accentuate one area while reducing or firming another, more troubling area of your figure A t times it seems like our bodies are laughing at us. Why can’t those extra 10 pounds gained during the holidays settle into the bust or add curve to the derriere? In- evitably, extra weight ends up in all the wrong places, leaving those areas where we’d like a little filler feeling even flatter. If only we could shift things around. It was that kind of thinking that led to the development of body fat transfer, also referred to as fat graft- ing. The process has been continually refined, and in the last decade new technologies have made it an effective way to sculpt the body. Now, women have a chance to do what they have always wanted to do—take a little from here and add it over there, slim- ming places like the stomach and en- larging areas like the breasts. Who is laughing now? WHAT CAN BODY FAT TRANSFER DO FOR ME? Stars like Sofía Vergara and Bey- oncé have shown women that you don’t need to be a size 2 to be sexy. 86 PAGEANTRY Beauty is about playing up the assets you have. Of course, hav- ing curves is one thing, while hav- ing curves in all the right places is another thing. If you are looking to contour your body, fat transfer could be a good op- tion because fat is not only removed, but repurposed to solve volume issues in other areas. Ostensibly, it is like having two procedures in one. Some of the most common places from which fat is extracted include the stomach, love handles, hips, lower back and thighs. Fat can then be moved to an area that you would like to enhance such as the butt, breasts, calf muscles, cheeks or lips. WHAT ELSE SHOULD I CONSIDER BEFORE HAVING THE SURGERY? It is hard to predict what the final results of the surgery will be. Some of the fat transferred to the new site will be reabsorbed by the body. This FAT CHANCE Fat transfer, also called autologous fat transplantation, or a micro-lipoinjection, plumps up facial features with a patient’s own fat, and is a popular alternative to other wrinkle treatments. Fat transfer to the face is a safe, natural non-allergenic procedure, designed to recontour your face, and can provide definition to your cheeks and chin. It can also be used to correct facial deformities. Since fat trans- fer uses your own fat cells, you can never have an allergic reaction, because it’s from your own body. means that sometimes multiple treat- ments are necessary to achieve desired results. After the procedure, the spot at which fat has been injected will likely be swollen, making it appear even larger than it will be once you