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your look ● hairstyles By Yulia Konstantinova-Riebman Braid in the Shade Having a simple look doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice style, and this braided updo has everything you need to be quick, easy and creative with your hair T he motto for this season is going to be “Keep it simple and stylish.” It’s time for some easy and effortless hair, flowing fabrics and an authenti- cally beach-inspired look. Summer is here so let’s give it a cheer, because when it comes to summer looks it’s all about revealing your natural beauty, feeling easy and comfortable, while of course looking fabulous. For us ladies, the summer season has a direct impact on our look, because with the hot weather outside and beauti- ful, exciting things going on, we just want to free ourselves from layers of clothes and heavier makeup, and switch to lighter and effortless hair styles. Whether you are on vaca- tion having an easy day at the beach, running errands, run- ning late for a summer party, or even attending a more formal event, the main goal is the same—live life to the fullest and enjoy yourself with absolute confidence about the way you look. Keeping your busy schedule and the summer heat in mind, the Pageantry Beauty Team came up with a gorgeous, easy-to-create upstyle trend that you can rock on virtually any occasion. It will keep you looking hot to match the sea- son, yet help you stay cool and comfortable all day long. Going along with our priorities during the summer months, the fashion scene changes its style for the season and features light sun-kissed locks, beachy, undone waves, braids and textures with messy-romantic and intricate bo- hemian upstyles. Our beautiful model Jessie, with her gorgeous long hair, is showing a bohemian version of a romantic updo. Re- 38 PAGEANTRY Jessielyn Palumbo is a featured model in the Spring Pageantry & PromTime’s 2014 Fashion Showcase. Currently a Senior at the College of New Jersey studying Digital and Fine Arts, Jessie’s diverse artwork ventures from traditional oil painting to digital photography. member that blonde shades will always show more detail of any upstyle. But the best part about this ‘do is that it can even be done on shoulder length hair, with pretty much any texture, including your bad hair days. So let’s get to it girls. CHOOSING SIDES Start by thoroughly brushing your hair, and then pick a side where you want to part it. Keep in mind that a middle part could make a square or round shaped face appear wider. The good news is, you can create this look in only 10 minutes and even on not-so-fresh hair. At this point you may also add a stylish bump to the crown of your hair for a more dramatic look, as suggested by stylist, Emily Pellegrini. Just simply tease the hair at the