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your look ● hairstyles By Yulia Konstantinova-Riebman PHOTO BY TED WEST A More Natural Crown It isn’t difficult to achieve the ultimate Boho girl look for this summer, but the look will have people thinking you spent big bucks at a salon H ot summer days and cool breezy nights—what an alluring background for our natural beauty to shine through with no extra effort. This sum- mer, allow yourself to be unique rather than try- ing for perfection. Everyone is head-over-heels for the Messy Chic trend for almost every aspect of per- sonal style this season, from wardrobe to hair. Which, in terms of your hair, translates to textured braids and effort- less hippie waves. You want to feel comfortable and fabu- lous, but this is not an excuse to take your crown off! The Pageantry Beauty Team prepared this amazing sum- mer style for you to rock on any occasion. The “Crown of Thorns” is combining all the goodness of the latest hottest trends—fishtail and crown braids—in one gorgeous hair- style, setting that bohemian mood in a matter of minutes, so you can relax and enjoy everything that this summer has in store for you. Fishtail braids always get a lot of attention due to their complicated and elaborate look, and for that reason the style is often considered complicated to create; however, it is, in fact, one of the simplest braids that exists. Want to create it yourself? Here we will show you how: PREP YOUR LOCKS We started with thoroughly brushing Reiley’s beautiful, long and thick hair to make the braiding process smooth, manageable, and easy to eliminate any frizz. Next, we parted her hair right in the middle, evenly from the forehead down to the nape of her neck. For unruly and 48 PAGEANTRY Reiley Jones was selected as Miss IMTA LA 2014, and was awarded with a featured model role in the Pageantry & PromTime 2015 Fashion Showcase. coarse hair, apply a drop of serum of your preference or leave-in conditioner, distributing throughout your hair for an easy control of your locks, recommends Assistant Beau- ty Director/Stylist Emily Pole. Remember, with that type of product the “less is more” rule applies. CHOOSE YOUR BRAID Here, Reiley demonstrates the fishtail braid version of that style; however, you can pick a French braid and it will look just as cute. Only that beautiful blue summer sky is the limit! We chose the fishtail since it provides the most dra- matic texture for the illusion of “thorns” that we were going for. If you have a layered haircut, the layers will pop out of the braid on their own due to their shorter length, as you gradually move down, adding that textured messy feel. BRAID YOUR HEART OUT Section your hair and leave some out at the front. Gath-