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news & views ● socially speaking On Pageantry magazine’s Facebook page [] we receive your comments and questions, and we appreciate every single one of them. The following is a sampling of your comments and letters: Michelle Field What did you read? I read my favorite. Pageantry and PromTime! I've been a sub- scriber since 2009. Thank you for such a great maga- zine Carl Dunn and the Pageantry family. LaKishia Edwards Words can not even de- scribe our emotions and ex- citement for being given the honor of gracing the cover of the world renowned Pageantry magazine and receiving a feature article. NAM has worked extremely hard over the last 15 years to lead the way in pageantry, to grow confi- dence, teach life-skills, be innovative and fresh. Thank you to all of our NAMi- ly for making NAM the extraordinary organization that it is today Lauren Scott Monahan Stephi Barton Williams This Issue arrives just as the ironically touted "fake news" floods the social media airways. Your selec- tion of our titleholder will forever be a precious mem- ory for me as it was Alayah Nicole Benavidez’s first offi- cial assignment after being crowned as Miss United States and I am so humbled to see our Beautiful Queen gracing the pages of such a prestigious publica- tion. Pageantry and PromTime, the undisputed in- dustry leader has ALWAYS been my favorite and I am both honored and extremely proud to have had a titleholder be selected for this amazing opportu- nity. I remember years ago my best friend’s daugh- ter was actually selected to do this (shout out to Patricia U) and she had an amazing experience as well. I know ladies who dream of getting selected for this shoot annually, so on behalf of our entire pageant system we truly "Thank-You" for using your pageantry expertise in selecting our Queen, Miss United States, Alayah Benavidez, who has done such an amazing job of representing this sys- tem and showcasing the true level of prestige that it stands for. xoxo, Stephi 16 PAGEANTRY So glad to have you on board with us, Carl. After being with Pageantry maga- zine since its inception , I have run the gamut of pag- eants throughout my life, from Miss America to Mrs United States to the Senior USA Pageant. I am delight- ed to see Pageantry as a part of our inaugural nation- al competition. I have done nothing but brag about how important Pageantry magazine has been to the industry. As a twice re- cipient of the Pageantry Spirit Award, I am proud to have you with us. Candy Brenner-Antso ANTSO State, National & Sweetheart Queens are featured in the 2017 Spring issue of Pageantry and PromTime magazine- Page 134. Pageantry magazine is the leading magazine in the pageant industry! Thanks Carl Dunn for the continued support!