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winner’s circle ● victoria lynne graham PERSONAL BIO AND AWARDS: USA 2015 Founder and President of The Zebra Network 501(c)(3), Community Manager for oneEDSvoice Name: Victoria Lynne Graham Location: Manchester Maryland Eyes: Brown Hair: Blond Ⅲ Mrs. Premier World 2016 MODELING: HONORS AND AWARDS: Commercial, Showroom Modeling, Fashion Shows, Retail Modeling, Con- vention & Tradeshow Miss Frostburg 2017 Non-Finalist Top Interview Award at Miss Maryland 2016 Ⅲ Miss White Oak 2016 Ⅲ Holly Healy Miss Congeniality Award / Miss Washington County 1st RU Ⅲ Top Interview Award at Miss Maryland Ⅲ Ⅲ TALENT & SPECIAL TRAINING: Acting - Stage, Monologue, and Film Public Speaking - Performance, Keynote, Interview, and Television Visual art - painting, drawing, photogra- phy and craft GOALS AND AMBITIONS: Continue to be a liaison and medical advocate for invisible illnesses and make strides in the destigmatization of disabilities; to build a strong and sup- portive international network for pa- tients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome through The Zebra Network, 501(c)(3), Establish state and federal rare disease advisory councils; to become Miss America. Ⅲ FAVORITE QUOTATION: "It is not a matter of if I will change the world, it is a matter of WHEN." PAGEANTRY 59