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news & views ● socially speaking On Pageantry magazine’s Facebook page [] we receive your comments and questions and we appreciate every single one of them. The following is a sampling of your comments and letters: Goodwin Photography Dreams do come true and hard work pays off. I'm incred- ibly proud of this cover and my signature pose that I seem to do with all my clients. It's taken a team to make a vi- sion happen … a HUGE shout out to the makeup team of Vivace Cosmetics for the fabulous makeup and slick hair. And thank you @rachaeltodd for being the easiest model and for bringing your edge to the shoot! United States Na- tional Pageants, Inc. and Pageantry and PromTime can y'all see my smile … yeah I'm glowing. Liz Everett Glam Great memories on set with Pageantry Magazine shooting one of my new hair tutorials for the Win- ter issue. It was so much fun! Thank you to Nina H. for the great images, Becca Chisholm & Carl Dunn for being amazing to work with! Stephi Barton Williams I feel Pageantry is no differ- ent than any other Sport. Respect is given and re- spect is earned. My organi- zation and I have worked so hard to earn this honor and we are so proud to have our Queen, sit so proudly on the cover of the undisputed industry leader, the prestigious Pageantry magazine! Mr. Carl Dunn, on behalf of the entire crew here, we are so honored to have this opportunity and privilege and respect you, your entire staff and this publication more than words could ever say. Thank you for this amazing honor! Nora Tann It was a great pleasure to be seated at the same table as Carl Dunn, the charming and dynamic CEO of Pageantry and PromTime, a more than 38 year old premier magazine celebrat- ing the glamour lifestyle of the beauty, modelling and fashion industries. Carl opened the show at the IMTA Red Carpet Awards Night and welcomed the new Miss IMTA Emery Reid, to the stage. Maureen Murray Rhonda Howdyshell Humbled, honored, surprised... to be named the winner of the "Pageantry Spirit Award” from Carl Dunn, CEO of Pageantry Magazine from Patricia Sulli- van, Director of All American Pageant this past weekend. I was there as a visiting queen of Today's International Woman 2017 Lifetime Legacy Queen, and as a past 2011 Lifetime All American Queen. THANK YOU, I am over the moon! 16 PAGEANTRY WOW! Thank you! That is quite a birthday blessing from Pageantry magazine, PromTime & Instagram. I am honored and flattered – thank you for such mean- ingful birthday sentiments. It means the world to me. Since I was 17 and now turning [35?], Pageants have been a significant, important and enriching part of my life whether as a competitor, judge, coach and eventu- ally a VP when Trump, now POTUS, owned the com- pany. I think that Paula Shugart has guided the shows with excellence, and its new home at WME/IMG will only serve to benefit it even more. Please stay in touch Carl! My Best, XO