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Get Ready to Get AMPed! Family, fun, and energy are key at the America’s Miss Pageant T he Keystone State of Pennsylvania welcomed ex- cited delegates from across the country as they vied for the twelve prestigious crowns of the America’s Miss Pageant. Delegates would com- pete for the titles of Sweetheart (0-2 yrs.), Petite (3-4 yrs.), Princess (5-7 yrs.), Darling (8-10 yrs.), Preteen (11-13 yrs.), Jr. Teen (14-16 yrs.), Teen (17-19 yrs.), Miss (20-24 yrs.), Ms. (25-34 yrs.), Elegant (35-49 yrs.) and Ex- quisite (50+ yrs.). Additionally, the Exemplar title awaited one delegate who truly excelled in promoting the founding ideals of pageantry through her commitment to service, school, and/or career. Pageant week kicked off with the amped up energy of registration, whereby each representa- tive from across the United States was presented with a 70 PAGEANTRY beautiful rhinestone gift bag as one of the first treats of their weekend. Included in their sparkly bag was a logo blanket, Swarovski crystal crown necklace, and rhinestone shirt to be worn in the opening number. Smiles lit up the registration area as each contestant and their families were sincerely greeted as part of the AMP family. Founded to ensure that girls and women of all ages, body types, and backgrounds would have a fair and positive place to com- pete, serve their communities, and learn skills to help them achieve success, America’s Miss truly is an organization that stresses respect, family values, and positive pageantry. Orientation followed the next day with director Trish Farr asking, “Who is the only person that is allowed to be stressed this weekend?” The audience replied with a re- sounding, “You!” As Orientation closed, the exciting op- tional competitions (which will now forever be called the AMP-mazing events because they are just too awesome to just be called “optional” any longer) began. Striving to al- ways make each part of the weekend family friendly and a