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Prom, Pageant, Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, and Hair tips Volume 36, Issue 2 - Summer 2015
Miss Universe Pageant
Gretchen Carlson's book Getting Real
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Rise Above the Rest
No one should need a reminder that IMTA remains the place to be seen and heard for every aspiring model and entertainer looking for a big break.

32 Miss Universe Pageant
Colombia's Carnival
South Florida was the perfect setting for the lights and passion of the Miss Universe pageant, and no one represented the energy more than Colombia’s Paulina Vega.

40 Miss Universe Red Carpet

44 Miss Universe
Parade of Nations


60 Pageantry Interview:
Gretchen Carlson

Gretchen Gets Real
The Fox News host and Miss America 1989 is speaking out about female empowerment and standing up in a time when it is more crucial than ever in her book, “Getting Real.”

72 Pageantry Exit Interview: Miss USA Nia Sanchez
Who Needs Sleep?
The first ever Miss Nevada USA to wear the crown of Miss USA, Nia Sanchez has embraced every last second of her whirlwind year of unparalleled royalty.


Summer Makeup: Jessielyn Palumbo
Summer Hairstyles: Reiley Jones
Brooke Burke in a Bikini

14 Makeup
Let Your Soul Glow
Creating a sun-kissed, glowing look is the perfect way to give the illusion of tanned and dewy skin for the summer.
By Gozde Arisoy

20 Jewelry
When Tech Becomes Trend
Fashion accessories are being combined with top electronic gadgets to keep everyone in touch and in style.

48 Hairstyles
A More Natural Crown
It isn’t difficult to achieve the ultimate Boho girl look for this summer, but the look will have people thinking you spent big bucks at a salon.
By Yulia Konstantinova-Riebman

52 Smile Dr.
An Unexpected End to Aches and Pains
While most people equate Botox with a wrinkle-free face, the popular treatment has been helpful in eliminating the pain of severe headaches.
By Dr. Joel Gould


66 Fitness
Back to Basics
A fitness routine should be more about being healthy inside and out, and less about just looking good in a swimsuit.
By Courtney Dawn Shaw

78 Body Sculpting
The Vitaminology
What you should know about your body’s essential nutrients to gain the most from your fitness preparation and nutritional regimen.
By Dr. Harvey C Jenkins, PhD, MD

82 Bodyshaping
Show Off Your Own Bikini Belly
Not everyone is capable of achieving the perfect swimwear shape through exercise and dieting, so it might be time to turn to medical professionals.
By Dr. Ronald Bergman



Showbiz Advice - Benedict Cumberbatch

22 Breaking into Showbiz
All The World’s
a Stage
The secret to becoming a movie star is never being afraid to leave Hollywood for the spotlight of the theatre.
By Adam Hill


42 Modeling
The Value of
Hard Work

Breaking into the modeling industry isn’t simply about having a beautiful face, as much as it’s about working to prove you’re worth it.

By Eve Matheson


Who's Who: Gretchen Carlson

65 Gretchen Carlson


Celebrity Donald Trump and Snejanna Dunn

18 Celebrity Spotlight

28 Pageantry Personalities

56 Pageantry Spirit Awards

86 Pageantry Patter


95 Winners Circle:
Erika Grace Powell

96 Competition Clips


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Scoops: Miss America Bess Myerson Obituary

10 Editorial

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16 Socially Speaking
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