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 Fashion Showcase with Prom, Pageant, and Social Occasion Gowns
Prom, Pageant, Fashion, Beauty, Makeup, and Hair tips Volume 38, Issue 4 - Winter 2017
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34 Miss America
Discovering the Spirit of Success
Making history, Cara Mund becomes the first Miss America from the great state of North Dakota.

42 Miss America Red Carpet

46 “Show Me Your Shoes” Parade

56 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen
Sweet Success
2018 Miss America’s Outstanding Teen Jessica Baeder is eager to embrace every opportunity her new role offers.

64 Royal International Miss
Royal International Miss continues to offer the pinnacle pageant experience to young women far and wide.

70 America’s Miss Pageant
Family, fun, and energy are key at the America’s Miss Pageant.

“Gilty” Pleasure

14 Hairstyles
Simple, side-swept perfection for your big event.
By Liz Everett

26 Body Sculpting
A healthy lifestyle can help you radiate beauty from the inside out.
By Shannon Dey

30 Makeup
Refine your look by contouring like a pro.
By Liz Everett

68 Fitness
When you’re truly ready to go for it, you need to set a goal for it.
By Sharon Turrentine

It’s Just Common Sense

22 Showbiz
The Five Steps
Adam Hill offers steps to creative success and stresses the importance of doing your homework.
By Adam Hill

44 Modeling
Life After Modeling
As modeling careers come to an end, a world of possibilities may emerge.
By Eve Matheson

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16 Socially Speaking
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