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Pageantry Interview: Kimi Verma
CEO of Shail K

Business Entrepreneur Kimi Verma was born in India, in the limelight city of Mumbai. The former Miss Mumbai was a spokesperson for many respected companies, modeled on the runway, starred in commercials and was a feature film actress. Kimi decided to move to Los Angeles to embark a new a chapter in her life. This decision ultimately has manifested into “Shail K.”

Shail K’s commitment to individuality and upscale contemporary designs is the key. They design dresses equal to the most lavish designer labels in the market by providing customers with the best fabrics and chic styles and mix bold and jewel tones with intricate beading to create glamorous yet very feminine pieces.


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Pageantry PodCast: Kimi Verma, CEO of Shail K


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